Counselor's Corner

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 9:42am

October is all about...Courage and Being an Active Bystander!

Courage means being brave as you meet new experiences and difficult situations! The biggest way to show bravery is to be an active bystander. When you see someone doing something unkind, say something! Help a friend. Help a student you don’t know. Stand up for those being teased and feeling sad or left out.


HELLO OCTOBER! Here's what's happening...

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  In guidance, we'll be having discussions and completing activities to unite our community, educate and raise awareness of bullying.

In an effort to uplift our school, we are going to begin the Look for the Good Project.  Check it out!!!

Beautify the Bathrooms

Interested?! This should happen this link to find out more!

Gratitude Spots

Orange "Gratitude Spots" can be spotted throughout the halls.  When students step on the spot, they will be encouraged to share something they are thankful for.  They can be used at any time.

The Gratitude Wall

Soon, students will be writing their gratitude on sticky notes to create a beautiful "Gratitude Wall" of notes which will be displayed in the cafeteria.  STAFF MEMBERS will be encouraging the students to write about something/someone different every time they write.  Although lunch is a great time for this, we will be working on writing some of these notes after they finish work.

Kindness Cards

To help students transform their gratitude into kindness, teachers and students will be passing out orange "Kindness Cards" whenever they see the good in someone.  Since these cards say "You Matter" on them, kids are encouraged to explain WHY someone matters when they pass on the card.  Students may also make their own cards to pass out!  

See this video for more info:


Thanks for helping me encourage our kids to Look for the Good!

Here are some sites that can be used to teach about tolerance and uniting me for more sites!

Do you have an iPhone?! Did you know know you can set parental limits for your child if they have or use an iPhone?!