12/9/16 Forest Ridge Forerunner

Fri, 12/16/2016 - 3:18pm

Important Dates

21  Interim Progress Reports issued
24-January 1  Winter Break - Schools and Offices Closed

2 Students return
4 Groups (safeties, media helpers, etc.) and candid photographs for the yearbook
22 7:00 Band & Strings concert at Hammond High School

Forest Ridge News and Events

Eagle Egg News
Congratulations to the following students who were our Eagle Egg winners this week:
Andrew Van, Anthony Funes, Shivam Pancholi, Katie Lindenmann, Sami Baig, and Wayne Stalnaker.

We have much to celebrate and be thankful for. With the changing weather, we are all reminded to check the weather forecast daily to ensure that our children are appropriately dressed. Please be reminded that outdoor recess occurs daily with the exception of inclement weather or temperatures below 20 degrees with wind chill.

Interim notices go home on December 21. These notices mark the mid-point of the semester and they are meant to inform you as to how your child is achieving. Please expect them and have follow-up discussions with your child about his/her efforts.

Art Orders
Square 1 Art orders should arrive on December 15 and will go home by December 16th.

Food Trucks Visiting FRES - We're letting the community know that the FRES staff will be visited by the following food trucks on these dates, so feel free to come up and buy lunch!
12/14 Bullhead Pit Beef
12/15 Holy Crepes (Sweet & savory crepes)
12/22 Say Cheese (Grilled cheese sandwiches)

Science Fair
The FRES Science Fair is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th, 2017. If your child would like to participate in the Science Fair, but is not currently in a Science Fair Seminar, please send an email to Kim Clawson at kimberly_clawson@hcpss.org. An information packet will then be sent home. All grade levels are encouraged to participate.

Parent Skills Inventory
Parents, we may have to call on you in case of emergency.  Please take a moment to complete this Parent Skills Inventory.  We will add the information to our Emergency Plan.

From the PE Department
Parents, we need your help!  Please note the following safety checklist for PE:

  • Sneakers on & secured
  • Nothing around the neck (necklaces, lanyards)  Hooded sweatshirts may need to be removed.  Wear a tee shirt underneath.
  • Nothing around the wrist (watches, bracelets) or on the hands (gloves, rings)
  • Nothing dangly on the ears or hard on the head (no hard, sharp hair holders, post type earrings only)
  • Nothing sharp in the pockets  (pencils, pens, keys, etc.)
  • No food products in the mouth/keep all objects out of the mouth
  • No dangling clothing  (scarves or clothes that are really big)
  • Hair kept back out of the face

    Car Loop Reminders

  • Drive distraction free!  For everyone's safety, cell phones should not be used.
  • Let children out of the car when your car is stopped anywhere along the red fire lane.  Do not park in the red fire lane.
  • Try to car pool to cut down on traffic
  • Please give money and kisses/hugs before leaving home
  • Stay single file
  • Pull as far forward in the loop as possible before stopping
  • Have children secured in the appropriate car seat until the car comes to a complete stop
  • Have children exit the vehicle on the curbside
  • Make sure all children and adults are on the curb before pulling away
  • Watch for people and traffic as you pull away
  • If you park and walk up please use the sidewalk.  We don't want children thinking it is a safe idea to cut through cars to save time.
  • If you need to write a note, give money, or take an extra moment with your child(ren), please continue through the loop and park.
  • Please be sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive in a safe and timely fashion even if there is a heavier volume of traffic.

PTA News...

WOW! What a crazy busy week at Holiday Shoppe! It's always a fairly big undertaking that requires numerous volunteers. Thank you so much to the faithful helpers who came almost every day to help children shop. Holiday Shoppe truly is a treat we offer to the children during the school day. One of my special moments was when a little girl was finished shopping after I had helped her. She walked out with her friends to go to recess, but turned around and gave me a hug. It totally reminded me why we do all the things we do.
Learn more from the PTA President and about PTA Happenings!

Community News for Parents

Please visit the Community News and Programs page at http://www.hcpss.org/community-news-and-programs/ for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.