Jan. 11, 2019 Forest Ridge Forerunner

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 9:36am

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Student News...
Congratulations to our Eagle Egg winners for this week:  Maliha S., Abu B., Jonas K., Mishael S.

Forest Ridge Forerunner - School News

Important Things to Know:

  • Students should arrive to school by 9:10 a.m. so that they are able to put their things away and be ready to start the day when the bell rings at 9:15.
  • Students go out for recess when the temperature with wind chill is 20 degrees or more.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • To get text alerts from FRES or HCPSS, you must opt in to receive those alerts. Text "YES" to 67587 from the cell number that is on file in HCPSS/Connect.
  • If your child's dismissal changes, due to a change in transportation, an after school class, etc., please email the teacher, and copy Dr. Varlack, Ms. Pazornik, Ms. Traini, Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs. Farrell.  All the emails can be found in the "Our Staff" section of our website.  We want to make sure the message is received!
  • If you recieved a Federal Impact Aid form, please return it ASAP.  Thanks!

A Message from Dr. Varlack

Greetings FRES Community,
We trust that you are well and have transitioned back into a routine since the winter break. The 2018-2019 school year clock is fast running. Can you believe that we are almost at the mid-point of the school year? Monday, January 28th ends our second quarter. Your students have a few short weeks to make the academic impact they want to and are able to demonstrate in this marking period. This is a great reminder to check with your student about any past due or missing assignments. This is also a great time to replenish school supplies, and chat with your student about their academic goals.

We wanted to share a few items with you that you may not be aware of:

Did you know that:  The Incoming 6th Grade Orientation for students attending Patuxent Valley Middle School for the 2019-2020 school year has been scheduled? Please save Thursday January 17, 2019 at 6:30 pm for the PVMS Parent Orientation. During this meeting, you will meet PVMS School Administrators and Staff, learn about the timeline for transition to PVMS from FRES and learn about the middle school schedule.

Are you aware of:  Supports for Families During Federal Government Shutdown
The ongoing shutdown of the federal government has caused financial hardship for too many of our friends and neighbors. Additionally, we know that students are experiencing anxiety and fear for their family's financial situation. I wanted to let you know of a few supports that are in place to help at this time.

  • Howard County families who have lost pay due to the shutdown may immediately apply for the Free and Reduced-Priced Meals (FARMs) program and the HCPSS Food and Nutrition Office will determine their eligibility status within 24-48 hours. Families that would not ordinarily qualify for the FARMs program could be eligible for the remainder of the school year because of the current loss of income.
  • Families that are adversely impacted, including those who do not receive FARMs assistance, will have the remainder of the school year to pay off any meal balances incurred during the government shutdown.
  • Additionally, many students may be suffering fear or anxiety about their family’s current financial situation. Student Services staff at each school are prepared and available to assist students at any time during the school day. Additionally, numerous resources for families are identified on the HCPSS website, and other supports are available through the Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services.

Did you know that:  We depend on you to be EXCELLENT role models showing FOCUS, RESPECT, EFFORT and SAFETY in the car loop? Please help keep our children safe on the way to and from school.

  1. FOCUS on driving - do not talk on the phone during drop off or pick up.
  2. RESPECT the pattern of traffic (staying to the right in the car loop) and follow any special instructions from the staff.
  3. Make an EFFORT to use sidewalks and crosswalks to avoid accidents.
  4. We all want to arrive to school SAFELY.  If you need extra time, leave early! 
  • Children should stay secured in their seat belts/car seats until the car comes to a complete stop! 
  • Cars should stay in a single file lane.
  • Children should exit the vehicle curbside anywhere along the RED fire lane.  The more cars that unload at a time the faster the loop moves along.
  • Handicap spaces are intended for those who have a need.

Have you heard that: Mrs. Ports’ 5th grade class was in a segment on ABC2News giving a shout out from FRES? The shout out was aired on Thursday, January 10 during WMAR-2’s 6 O’clock morning newscast. The segment should have been uploaded to WMAR-2’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/51379687226/posts/10155996349417227/)wmar2news.com.

Finally, did you know that: there is a Civility Policy *(Policy 1000)? After reviewing the policy, please let us know if you have any questions. The policy is below:

The purpose of this policy is to set clear expectations for civil behavior between and among all Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) stakeholders to promote safe, engaging and supportive environments.

IV. Standards

  1. The HCPSS school and workplace environments will reflect the expected behaviors of civility while communicating and interacting among stakeholders. These behaviors include but are not limited to:
    1. Respect and courtesy in language, demeanor, and actions
    2. Respectful and appropriate tone and volume of voice
    3. Respectful and active listening
    4. Respectful acknowledgment of individual differences
    5. Respectful acknowledgement of diversity
    6. Respect for the personal, civil, and property rights of others
    7. Respectful and courteous use of phone, public address systems, two-way radios, and any other verbal communication devices
    8. Respectful and courteous written and digital communication, including but not limited to notes, letters, email, text messages, and social media.
  2. The HCPSS school and workplace environments will be free from unacceptable behaviors including but not limited to:
    1. Rude, insulting, or demeaning language and/or actions
    2. Persistently unreasonable demands
    3. Repeatedly interruptive behavior
    4. Displays of temper
    5. Threatening and/or abusive gestures and behavior.

Job Opportunity
Are you interested in supporting our students here at Forest Ridge? Do you know someone who is? We are currently seeking candidates to provide close adult supervision to some of our students. This position would be contracted through Social Service Consultants, Ltd. The pay rate for this position is $10.50/hour. Health benefits are not included. If you are interested, please email Ivye Pazornik (ivye_pazornik@hcpss.org) for additional information and next steps. Thank you!

Science Fair News
Just a reminder that the Forest Ridge Science Fair is scheduled for February 21 from 6:30-7:45. Any student not in the Science Fair seminar who would still like to participate can request a science fair packet from Mrs. Hogan or Mrs. Clawson. This project will be completed at home and will need to be turned in on February 20. Please contact us at kimberly_clawson@hcpss.org or susan_hogan@hcpss.org if you are interested. 

Watch DOGS
Our Watch DOGS dads this week were Mr. Goldberg and Mr. O'Connell Thank you so much!

If you are interested in supporting this awesome program by signing up for a day, or even part of a day, we are looking for YOU!! Simply copy the links included and paste them into your browser.   Keep in mind, you will also need to complete the Howard County child abuse and confidentiality training online, complete the certificate for each, and turn it in. Those links are also provided below.  Finally, to help make the Watch DOGS stand out while you are here, we encourage you to purchase a Watch DOGS t-shirt.  When you arrive at the school, you will be able to purchase one for $12 sizes S-XL, $14 for 2XL and $16 for 3XL  If we are out of that size we will order and and it will be sent home with your child as soon as it comes in.   You are also welcome to send in your money ahead of time and we will send your shirt home with your child right away.  Send your payment in an envelope with your name, child's name, teacher, and your shirt size.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Craig Dorsey at dorseypremier@gmail.com or Jen Renkevens at trenkev@juno.com.

For Child Abuse- https://www.hcpss.org/f/employees/childabuse_ppt.pdf

From Howard County Recreation and Parks:
For Complete information on these Before & After School classes, including how to Register, please go to  www.howardcountymd.gov/afterschool

Forest Ridge ES Winter 2019 - Before & After School Classes with Howard County Recreation & Parks:

  • Abrakadoodle Art/5-12 yrs /Classes: 6/Mondays starting Feb 4/3:55-4:55pm/$99
  • Learn Now Music After School Drums/Grades K-5 Classes: 6/Tuesdays starting Feb 12/ 3:55-4:55pm /$139
  • Learn Now Music After School Viva Violin/Grades K-5 Classes: 6/Tuesdays starting Feb 12/ 3:55-4:55pm /$139
  • Play-Well Tek Ninjaneering with LEGO/5-6 yrs /Classes: 8/Tuesdays starting Jan 22/3:30-5pm $175
  • 3D Printing- The Mighty Amazon/Grades 1-3/Classes: 6/Fridays starting Feb 8/ 3:50-4:50pm/$115
  • App Attack with Black Rocket Productions/Grades 3-5 /Classes: 6/Fridays starting Feb 1 3:50-5:20pm/$119
  • Kiddie Basketball/5-7 yrs /Classes: 9/Fridays starting Jan 18/4:55-5:55pm/$75
  • After-School Basketball/8-10 yrs /Classes: 9/Fridays starting Jan 18/ 3:50-4:50pm/$75
  • TGA Premier Youth Tennis/6-11 yrs /Classes: 6/Mondays starting Feb 4 /3:50-4:50pm /$90

From the Bright Minds Foundation - Announcing School Meals Funding Campaign to Support Families in Need

Bright Minds Foundation, the foundation of the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), announced today the launch of an initiative to raise funds to eliminate outstanding school lunch balances. HCPSS recently reported that its school meals fund carries a growing deficit, which currently stands at more than $50,000 and is increasing rapidly. The deficit reflects the significant economic challenges faced by many Howard County families, which are exacerbated by the federal government shutdown.
“Thank you to Bright Minds Foundation for its leadership and for taking this important proactive step,” said Superintendent Dr. Michael J. Martirano, who this week announced expedited processing of Free and Reduced Meals (FARMs) applications to support families impacted by the federal government shutdown. “It is critical that every child has their needs met before we can expect them to thrive in an academic setting. This important initiative will help us support many of our students and families.”
Bright Minds and HCPSS also encourage all families to check their eligibility for the FARMs program. To learn more about the benefits of the FARMs program, check eligibility status and apply, visit the HCPSS FARMs website.
Contributions to the Emergency Lunch Fund may be made online at brightmindsfoundation.org or by check to the Bright Minds Foundation, 10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042. Please designate “Emergency Lunch Fund” in the comment field or on the memo line.
For more information, please contact Liz Crammond, Executive Director of Bright Minds Foundation, at 410-740-0707 or liz@brightmindsfoundation.org.
Bright Minds Foundation is the educational foundation of the Howard County Public School System. Bright Minds enhances the educational opportunities of all Howard County public school students by bringing together private and community support for academic initiatives and opportunities. We help level the playing field so all students have a chance to succeed.